When we think of web design ideas, we often think of big ideas that require many hours and much effort. While web design can indeed be on a grand scale, there are also some basic, easy web design ideas that can still cause your website to pop.

Here are some of them:

Web development image1. Whitespace
Think of whitespace as the amount of room between the different components on your webpage. While some users are accustomed to a condensed layout, it could be a problem for people who are less computer literate than the average web user. You can use split A/B tests to determine where you should add extra spacing to your website. This is an easy way to test changes to your webpage vs. the current design, and to determine which ones create positive results.

The main benefit of whitespace is that it will help to keep readers of webpages engaged. Tons of images, shapes, and colors on a page can make a webpage seem like an ad even if it isn’t. It basically stresses the “less is more” method of web design. Google’s homepage is an outstanding example of an effective use of whitespace. It allows users to focus on the reason they visited the site—to search the web.

2. Menu Icons
showmenuThis helps to draw more attention from visitors to your website. More often than not standard menu links are sufficient to work properly, and they aid users in navigating between various pages on a webpage. Still, you can find several free icon sets that will look ideal in your top navigation, footer, or sidebar area. In fact, some websites provide links for tons of quality eye-catching icon sets. Truth be told, it’s usually not practical to create your own custom icons for every web design project you have. It simply requires a ton of effort and time that most of us simply don’t have. Fortunately, you can find sites at which the site has already sift through thousands upon thousands of free icon sets, to find the best of the best.

3. Social Media Sharing
If you’re web developer then you likely already know of the various sharing badges that are utilized in various popular social networking websites. Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit provide web designers with codes that you’re able to embed into your various websites. This allows visitors to your websites to share links, without needing to exit your website. One practical method is for the badges to follow as you scroll down the webpage. This allows them to hover a little outside the body area, so they’re not blocking critical content. You can follow some basic steps when including social media icons. The two main points for infrastructure navigation are the top and bottom of your website. Next, if you embed Twitter feeds, make sure to place them where they’ll be the most practical. Also, you should use Google Analytics. This is an oldie but goodie, so you should definitely consider using it. And of course, in addition to social media you would want to add search engine optimization as well.

4. Menu accessibility
This is another easy method that you can integrate into various websites that you’re designing. This is arguably not an aspect of your layout that you should be updating constantly. That said, it’s definitely important, and a fairly easy method for improving your web design. You should consider revisiting your navigation systems, and then determining whether you can think of better ways to use sub-menu links.

Content areas and sidebars often contain accordion menus. That’s because there is ample room vertically. However, you should also consider navigation bars of the horizontal type, which contain sliding sub-menus, or dropdown menus. The key is to add quick and easy menu links.